Show Diary

Warbases are coming to a show near you!

Please be aware these codes have an expiry date and can only be activated twice per customer per show – once for your pre-order and a second for the items you forgot the first time!
Pre-orders placed by midnight Friday of the week prior to the show week i.e. 8 or 9 days prior (in the case of a Sunday show) with the exception of Salute and Crisis (2 weeks prior), entitles the customer to a 10% discount.
2017 dates (some to be confirmed and possible additions):

(Actual dates and attendance are subject to confirmation by organisers)

Vapnartak, York, 5 Feb VAP10
Robin, Nottingham, 12 Feb ROB10
Hammerhead, Newark, 4 Mar HAMM10
Overlord, Abingdon, 5 Mar OVER10
Albanich, Dumfries, 11 Mar ALB10
Salute, London, 22 Apr SAL10
Carronade, Falkirk, 13 May CAR10
Partizan, Newark, 21 May PAR10
Phalanx, St Helens, 17 Jun PHLX10
Claymore, Edinburgh, 5 Aug CLAY10
Partizan II, Newark, 20 Aug PAR210
Border Reiver, Newcastle, 2 Sept BREV10
Colours, Newbury, 16 Sept COL10
Derby World Wargames, 7/8 Oct DWW10
Skelp, Forfar, 14 Oct SKLP10
Fiasco, Leeds, 29 Oct FIAS10
Crisis, Antwerp, 4 Nov CRIS10
Targe, Kirriemuir, 11 Nov TAR10
Warfare, Reading, 18/19 Nov WAR10
Battleground, Middlesbrough, 25 Nov. BATG10