Brigantes Studio

Andrew Saunders provides the majority of our painted examples for the website. He is well known in the wargaming community and his painting talents are to museum quality.  The very talented Kevin Howroyd has contributed significantly in sculpting the majority of our Victorian figures and horses.

Battle Colours

Here’s a website offering a professional painting service for all types of wargames miniatures, from ancients to warhammer 40k, in all scales. They are also valued customers of mine and jolly nice people to boot, so if you just can’t face painting all those goblins yourself, send them your minis and relax in the knowledge they are getting the best paint job in the west, (or east come to think about it!).

Artmaster Studio

Miniature painters of high renown, offering a complete service and quality results.


Terra Firma Studios

High quality custom made modular wargames terrain, and table top items with attention to realism and detail.

All with First class Customer service and affordable prices. Click the picture above to be transported to their fantastic site.


Flags of War

Fantastic flags to finish off your army, every period and scale imaginable is available too.


Falkirk District Wargames Club

Wargames club and organisers of the popular Carronade games day.


Claymore Castings
Figures, Flags, Transfers and Wire Spears. Principally designed for Otterburn 1388 but can be used for almost any european army of the same period.



A special thanks to a young man called Kyle who attended a summer crafts program including a model building program and who found this interesting article about Jeeps. He thought our customers may find it interesting. Perhaps we need to work on a Jeep to add to our vehicle range!