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***Please note, this dashboard is supplied un-assembled***

Huge thanks to John Pilatos for the original design of this Chain of Command Dashboard.

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Chain of Command Dashboard – measures approx 115mm x 70mm

The area marked Command Dice can accommodate up to 6 x 12mm D6 Command Dice.

Small Dial and boxed area:

Tracks number of 5’s rolled with the Command Dice and is numbered from 0 to 6.

Once 6 are reached it is reset to 0 and the player gains a Chain of Command Dice.

The number of Chain of Command Dice accumulated is done by sliding the piece of Perspex over the appropriate number of CoC Dice.

When a player uses a Chain of Command Dice the Perspex is slide one down.


The large dial records the Force Morale of your troops.

At the start of the game a  12mm D6 is rolled; the result is cross referenced with the information on the left side of the large dial  to set the Force Morale on your troops.( on the bottom left side of the large dial are modifiers that will apply to the D6 roll when fielding Green or Elite Forces)

The player turns the indicated on the large dial to the appropriate Force Morale number.


The Effects of Force Morale dropping are noted to on the right side of the large Dial and occur from 4 to 0.

Note this Dashboard is based on the use of 5 Command Dice

If 4 Command Dice are used for Green troops or 6 Command Dice for Elite troops.

Apply the modifiers located on the bottom right side of the large Dial to the Effect.


***Please note, this dashboard is supplied un-assembled***

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 115 × 70 mm

4 reviews for Chain of Command Dashboard

  1. dougmelville

    Excellent bit of kit. We always managed to accidentally roll Command Dice for combat or knock over dice tracking CoC points. This tracks it all, it’s very compact and unobtrusive on the table, besides having some of the rules for the effects of FM loss captured on the tracker. I have one in Field Grey and another painted Olive Drab. Highly recommended.

  2. Jim Harms (verified owner)

    My only complaint is it’ possible to make them in a “senior gamers” size? They are nicely laid out though.

    • Diane

      Hi Jim,

      If you contact us at [email protected] we will be able to provide you with a quote for a larger version of the dashboard.

      Kind regards.


  3. Omar (verified owner)

    Wery good dashboard and well made. Only issue is that is too small and command dice can’t fit in command dice space

    • Diane

      Hi Omar,

      Thanks for your review.

      This is designed to take standard D6 dice, can we please check that the dice you are using are 16mm?

      We have checked our design and our dice fit perfectly.

      Kind regards.


  4. P Duffy (verified owner)

    Great product but you do need 12mm dice to fit in the command dice slot 16mm are too large. No problem just will order a set!

    • Diane

      Hi, thanks for your review.

      Yes you are correct, the Command Slot takes 12mm dice, not 16mm. We have now added this detail to our listing and apologies for any confusion.

      Kind regards.

      Diane, Warbases Admin

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