Darkendeep Dungeon Armoury & Barrack Set

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The Darkendeep Modular Dungeon set contains the following components;

  • 3 x Single Walls
  • 5 x Double Walls
  • 1 x Quad Wall
  • 4 x T Connectors
  • 2 x I Connectors
  • 4 x L Connectors
  • 3 x Dungeon Doors
  • 4 x Bunk Beds
  • 3 x Weapon Racks

The dungeon components are all 54mm in height. When you make up rooms and corridors from the wall and door sections they will give the following floor dimensions;

  • Single Wall or Door section plus connectors = 50mm
  • Double Wall plus connectors = 115mm
  • Treble Wall plus connectors = 178mm
  • Quad Wall plus connectors = 244mm


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Weight 800 g


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