Dux Brit/Zombie Tray – 1p Slots


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These Dux Brit/Zombie Tray – 1p Slots start at a 2 slot version for £0.50 (incl VAT), £0.42 (excl VAT).

Photos run from top left and correspond with the drop down list.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Size (Dux Brit / Zombie Trays)

2 Slot, 3 Slot (A), 3 Slot (B), 4 Slot (B), 4 Slot (A), 5 Slot (A), 5 Slot (B), 6 Slot (A), 6 Slot (B), 8 Slot (A), 8 Slot (B), 10 Slot, 12 Slot


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