Hexagonal MDF Bases


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Hexagonal bases in 2mm & 3mm MDF.

Laser cut for accuracy and quality these bases are just the ticket for your special projects, scenery, ships etc.

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Size (Polygonic Bases)

20mm A/F (Qty 25), 25mm A/F (Qty 20), 30mm A/F (Qty 15), 35mm A/F (Qty 12), 40mm A/F (Qty 10), 45mm A/F (Qty 9), 50mm A/F (Qty 8), 55mm A/F (Qty 7), 60mm A/F (Qty 6), 65mm A/F (Qty 6), 70mm A/F (Qty 5), 75mm A/F (Qty 5), 80mm A/F (Qty 5), 85mm A/F (Qty 4), 90mm A/F (Qty 4), 95mm A/F (Qty 3), 100mm A/F (Qty 3), 105mm A/F (Qty 3), 110mm A/F (Qty 3), 115mm A/F (Qty 2), 120mm A/F (Qty 2)


2mm, 3mm


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