Magnet Holes Add to Single Base Pack


Please note 26.5mm Bases (Slightly larger than a 2p coin) are excluded from having magnet holes added. Price is per single base pack for magnet holes to be added. 

Size of base pack purchased

Please indicate the base pack in your order that requires magnet holes.


Here is where you can select the option of adding magnet holes (NOT magnets) to a base pack you purchase through the website. The price is per single base pack to add magnet holes to.

Magnet holes in either 3mm or 5mm diameter.

Available for both 2mm and 3mm depth bases.

Single magnet holes will be central, 2 or 3 magnet holes will be evenly spaced along the centre line.

Maximum number of magnet holes allowed per base is 3.



Additional information

Type of base pack for magnet holes to be added

Acrylic Base Pack, Plywood Base Pack, Circular MDF Base Pack (excl 26.5mm), Flames of War Style Base Pack, Oval Base Pack, Pill Base Pack, Polygonic Base Pack, Premier Imperial Base Pack, Premier Impetus Base Pack, Premier KoW Base Pack, Premier Metric Base Pack, Round Cornered Base Pack, Ultralite Circular Base Pack

Diameter Magnet Holes

3mm, 5mm

Qty magnet holes required per base (max 3)

1, 2, 3


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