Paint Storage – Dropper Bottle ‘Test Tube Rack’


Ideal to use as a desk tidy while working on your current project – store the bottles you’re currently using in one convenient and practical rack. Store the bottles in an upright position if you’re an optimist,  or inverted if you’re a realist!

Instructions for the 6×2 version are available here. Note that the instructions will open in a new tab. The 3×2 and 6×1 can be made using the same principles found in this instruction sheet.


New style paint racks for dropper bottles such as Vallejo, Army Painter and similar others. The unique design  of these racks allow – the bottles to be stored in an upright position, or inverted if you prefer.

3×2 version holds 6 pots and measures 72mm H x 105mm W x 72mm deep.

6×2 version holds 12 pots and measures 72mm H x 202mm W x 72mm deep.

6×1 version holds 6 pots and measures 52mm H x 202mm W x 36mm deep.

These products are not  authorised, endorsed or approved in any way by Vallejo, Army Painter or any other supplier/manufacturer. No infringement of IP is intended and the use of trade names is purely to assist the customer in selecting the correct rack for their requirements.

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3×2, 6×2, 6×1


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