RUB Half Sized Tray Boxes

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Please see description below for full details of this product.

See additional pictures for a few of the different ways you can stack these trays in your RUB.

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These half sized tray boxes will fit into UK 4 litre and 9 litre Really Useful Boxes (RUB) to help keep your figures secure while transporting or in storage. Tray sides are castellated to allow safe and easy stacking, therefore these products are suitable for storage without the necessity of purchasing Really Useful Boxes.

The shallow tray box  is 32mm deep (internally). You can fit 2 of these in one half of a 4 litre box or 4 into half a 9 litre.

The deep tray box is 66mm deep (internally). You can fit 1 of these in one half of a 4 litre box or 2 into half a 9 litre.

The above tray boxes are fully compatible, so you can also fit 2 shallow and 1 deep trays into one half of a 9 litre box.

We have also designed an Intermediate tray box, this tray is 43mm deep (internally). You can fit 3 of these into one half of a 9 litre RUB. We do not recommend these for 4 litre RUB’s.

External = 210mm x 168mm
Internal = 204mm x 161.5mm
These are for UK versions of RUB and dimensions may vary in other countries.

These items are supplied flat pack for self assembly. Warbases recommend PVA glue to assemble this product.

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RUB Tray Boxes

Deep Tray Box (66mm deep), Intermediate Tray Box (43mm deep), Shallow Tray Box (32mm deep)

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  1. Dex McHenry (verified owner)

    Absolutely excellent. Clean and crisp components that all went together smoothly. Very easy to assemble. A few dabs of glue and you are away!

    Otherwise, exactly as described. And a really fast service too!

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