Full Size RUB Tray Box Liners


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These tray liners are designed for use with our RUB tray boxes (available separately). They are a single thickness of MDF which fit snugly in the tray bottom for easy segregation of figures.

Easily magnetise the tray by placing magnetic sheet (sorry we don’t sell this) between the tray bottom and this layer.

Tray liners measure 328 x 203 mm.

These are for UK versions of  4 and 9 litre RUB and dimensions may vary in other countries.

We’ll add more variations to this list as you request them.

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RUB Tray Liners

20mm x 20mm (104 Slots), 1p tray liner (104 slots), 20mm diameter tray liner (104 slots), 25mm diameter tray liner (77 slots), 2p tray liner (77 slots), 30mm diameter tray liner (54 slots), 32mm diameter tray liner (51 slots), 40mm diameter tray liner (33 slots)


2mm, 3mm