Terrain Trays (Top Layer Only)


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These are the top layer of a tray intended for terrain although could be used for other purposes. Produced in 3mm MDF with laser cut slots ideal for when you want to add your own base layer or add magnetic sheeting.

Please note: Below is a guideline for the absolute maximum number of slots that each size of tray can accommodate. We would suggest that less is more when creating a realistic terrain piece.  If we receive an order that requests more than the maximum below we will manufacture a tray with the maximum number of slots possible.


100mm x 100mm

9 x (20mm diameter or 20mm square)

5 x (30mm diameter or 30mm square)

4 x (40mm diameter or 40mm square)

2 x (50mm diameter or 50mm square)


150mm x 100mm

15 x (20mm diameter or 20mm square)

8 x (30mm diameter or 30mm square)

6 x (40mm diameter or 40mm square)

3 x (50mm diameter or 50mm square)

2 x (60mm diameter)


200mm x 100mm

21 x (20mm diameter or 20mm square)

11 x (30mm diameter or 30mm square)

8 x (40mm diameter or 40mm square)

4 x (50mm diameter or 50mm square)

3 x (60mm diameter)

2 x (70mm diameter)


150mm x 150mm

25 x (20mm diameter or 20mm square)

12 x (30mm diameter or 30mm square)

8 x (40mm diameter or 40mm square)

5 x (50mm diameter or 50mm square)

4 x (60mm diameter)

2 x (70mm diameter)


200mm x 150mm

35 x (20mm diameter or 20mm square)

16 x (30mm diameter or 30mm square)

11 x (40mm diameter or 40mm square)

6 x (50mm diameter or 50mm square)

5 x (60mm diameter)

3 x (70mm diameter)


250mm x 150mm

45 x (20mm diameter or 20mm square)

18 x (30mm diameter or 30mm square)

14 x (40mm diameter or 40mm square)

8 x (50mm diameter or 50mm square)

6 x (60mm diameter)

4 x (70mm diameter)


275mm x 200mm

54 x (20mm diameter or 20mm square)

24 x (30mm diameter or 30mm square)

18 x (40mm diameter or 40mm square)

11 x (50mm diameter or 50mm square)

8 x (60mm diameter)

6 x (70mm diameter)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Terrain Tray Size (Approx)

100mm x 100mm, 150mm x 100mm, 150mm x 150mm, 200mm x 100mm, 200mm x 150mm, 250mm x 150mm, 275mm x 200mm

Size of Slot(s)

20mm Diameter, 20mm Square, 25mm, 25mm Square, 2p Diameter, 30mm, 30mm Square, 40mm, 40mm Square, 50mm, 50mm Square, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm

Depth Top Layer

2mm Top Layer Required, 3mm Top Layer Required


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