Toadmen Thugs


Toadmen Thugs are supplied in a random selection of 4 figures from the 6 pictured.

The Toadmen Thugs are the elite troops of the toadmen clan. These little guys are better armed and armoured than the clansmen. While their equipment is little more than shark teeth hammered into a plank of wood, they can still pack a mighty punch and the wandering band of adventurers would be well advised to be cautious when encountering a band of Toadmen Thugs. These miniatures are approximately 20mm tall.


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Please be aware that Bifrost Miniatures may contain substances that may be harmful if chewed or swallowed. They are not toys and are unsuitable for anyone under the age of 14.

Bifrost Miniatures are sculpted at a scale of 5mm = 1 foot.

Sculpted by Richard Dickens, Display models Painted by Jon Atter.

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Weight 100 g
Toadmen Thugs

Set of 4 Random figures, Set of all 6 figures, Toadman with Maquahuitl 1 (TMN2A), Toadman with Axe and Knife (TMN2B), Toadman with Maquahuitl 2 (TMN2C), Toadman with Maquahuitl and Shield (TMN2D), Toadman with Bow 1 (TMN2E), Toadman with Bow 2 (TMN2F)


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