Terms & Conditions

By proceeding with a purchase you have made yourself aware of and agree to the details set out in our Delivery Information and Privacy Policy. Our trays are produced with a 2mm solid base layer and a 2mm top layer with ‘slots’ as standard with the exception of Impetus trays that have a 3mm top layer.  Where there is a choice of top layer depth this is made apparent by their individual listings.

Our Premier MDF range of bases are laser cut.  The pack sizes for each base size is quoted in the listings.

The acrylic we use is approximately 3mm depth – we can not guarantee uniformity due to the manufacturing process.

Admin Charges

We only sell full packs of bases on the website. Any customer wishing to order a number of bases that are outwith full pack quantities must email us for a quote. They will be charged an admin fee of £4.00 for each occasion an invoice is required.

If a customer requests an invoice for items readily available on the website rather than proceed through checkout we will charge a £4.00 admin fee on top of the total for the goods.

If a customer request an amendment or additions to an order resulting in the issue of an invoice we will charge a £2.50 admin fee for up to 3 additional items for this service. More than 3 additional items will require a new order to be placed.

Custom Orders

Orders for custom sized bases will be supplied in full pack quantities of the nearest website listed size, For instance, a custom request for 112mm x 46mm will be a minimum order of 1 pack of 5 bases the same as 110mm x 50mm and for greater quantities will be supplied in multiples of full pack quantities. For custom sized large bases that are quoted at more than the cost of a single pack can be individually purchased.

Orders for custom sized trays will have a minimum quantity of 5 trays per size of tray.

Offensive Items

Warbases will not produce an item that we find to be offensive. This includes any prejudice to race, sexual or gender orientation or religious beliefs. We will also not include swearing on our products.